by dr. Johan Sp.FK
19 September 2023 Q.

How do I stop reoccurring catarrh? Mine doesn’t seem to go away.


HelloTemi! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Catarrh is usually temporary; however, in some people like you it can be ...

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23 August 2023 Q.
Smoking habits

I sometimes feel that my smoking habits are linked to the headaches I suffer regularly. Could this be true in any way?


Hello Mary Jane! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Your suspicions are very true. Headaches after smoking can be caused ...

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10 June 2023 Q.
Stressed out and tired

I work in a fast-food place and have to be on my feet for hours attending to customers. At the close of work every day, I’m stressed out and tired, with pounding headaches. What do I do?


Hello Mike! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. If you have noticed that your headaches tend to strike when you’ve ...

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15 January 2023 Q.
Pain in Knees and Joints

My grandfather complains of pain in his knees and joints & these cause him severe pain that I can’t help feeling bad. Doctors say aging comes with joint pain. What can I do now to avoid this same painful situation in years to come?


Hello Tunde! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. One of the most important components of managing pain for the elderly ...

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19 September 2022 Q.
Persistent headaches

I can’t seem to get rid of persistent headaches for two days now, even with the medications I have taken. What do I do?


Hello George! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. You can take care of many types of headaches by yourself using ...

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03 April 2022 Q.
Shivering & cough

The rainy seasons are my worst periods ever. I always come down with serious shivering & cough. What precautions can help me prevent these going forward?

by John

Hello John! Thank you for using feature #AskSudrex. If you ever get wet in the rain; change your clothes as ...

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18 September 2021 Q.
I'm 13, may I consume Sudrex?

Hello Doc! I am 13 years old. May I consume Sudrex when I get a headache? Thank you

by Ukatu

Hello, Ukatu! Thank you for trusting #AskSudrex. You may consume Sudrex when you get headaches and our dosage recommendation is ...

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09 June 2021 Q.

One minute I was very hot and the next my teeth are chattering from cold. I am 25 years old and my sister says I have fever, is she right?


Hello Cynthia! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Fever may occur in anyone at any age, it is a higher-than-normal ...

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08 May 2021 Q.
Painkillers for my back pain

I cannot sleep without taking painkillers for my back pain every night. It’s becoming an addiction. Does this continuous use have any negative effect on my body system?


Hello Dennis! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Painkillers are commonly prescribed for short term use to treat moderate to severe ...

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18 October 2020 Q.

Is it possible for a person to get a fever without any other symptoms?


Hello Bolaji! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. A fever is the body’s way of fighting an infection (infections can ...

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20 January 2020 Q.
When I get a period, may I consume Sudrex?

Hey, Doc! May I consume Sudrex when I'm on my period?

by Isabella Angel

Hello, Isabella Angel! Thank you for trusting #AskSudrex. Sudrex may be consumed when you get a period because it's a ...

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19 October 2019 Q.
I get headaches and fever in one time, is that okay if i consume Sudrex?

These 2 days i felt pain in back of my head, fever and loss my appetite. Which Sudrex shall i consume?

by Daniel Coutinho

Hello, Daniel Coutinho! Thank you for trusting #AskSudrex. The best choice is Sudrex original as it is effective to relieve ...

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08 February 2019 Q.

I really do love to run as a way of exercising my body, but I don’t understand why I get cramps/spasms each time. Are there any explanations to this occurence?


Hello Karen! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. The occurrence of cramps or spasms during exercise is quite unpredictable. ...

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30 November 2018 Q.
Does Sudrex safe for gastric acid patient?

Doc, i am a gastric acid patient. When i get headache, i always consume Sudrex. Is that okay, doc?

by Maria Ebun

Hello, Maria Ebun! Thank you for trusting #AskSudrex. For health and safety reason, you can consume Sudrex after you're having ...

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