by dr. Johan Sp.FK
10 June 2023 Q.
Stressed out and tired

I work in a fast-food place and have to be on my feet for hours attending to customers. At the close of work every day, I’m stressed out and tired, with pounding headaches. What do I do?


Hello Mike! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. If you have noticed that your headaches tend to strike when you’ve been under a lot of stress, it’s not your imagination, there is a link between stress and headaches. Managing stress can help ease your symptoms and reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches. Look out for how to reduce your stress, talk to your supervisor about reducing your workload or changing your schedule. Try getting enough sleep; it recharges your body for the next day’s work. Don’t let headaches control your life; control them instead with Sudrex headache and Fever.