Many of us fall ill during the rainy season mostly due to sudden weather change causing fluctuation in your body temperature. At these times of humidity and alternate heat and cold, our immune system also weakens. Hence, a weak immune system can make us vulnerable to colds, cough and headaches, especially during this time of the year when our body is exposed to various undesirable factors.

Here are some clever ways to stay dry, safe and healthy now that the rainy season is upon us:

  1. Stay protected: Getting wet from a sudden downpour can cause a sudden change in your body temperature that may lead to fever and cold. To avoid getting cough, cold or fever don't forget to always go out with protective gears such as Umbrella, raincoats or shower caps wherever you go. Don’t get caught out in the rain without a way to protect yourself.
  2. Watch what you eat: Keep nutrition in mind and avoid eating street food during the rainy season as much as you can. Eating healthy food is the cheapest way to protect you from sickness: Eat Vitamin C-rich foods to boost your immune system to help repulse flu and infection. A delicious and healthy meal is what makes rainy days a little warmer.
  3. Go for Steamy fluids: In this season, you can do no wrong with hot drinks – It’s already cold out there. A bowl of hot soup, green tea or hot chocolate isn’t a bad idea. This can prevent you from catching cold or other infections that occur due to sudden changes in body temperature.
  4. Avoid rush hour commutes: Heavy rains with possible flooding can make commuting more difficult. If you have the chance to avoid hours when congestion is at its peak, do so. Also, avoid the hassle and the possibility of getting stuck in a downpour by leave earlier in the morning.
  5.  Have some back up clothes ready: Since it's easy to get wet during rainy days, walking around with your wet clothes is like inviting a virus into your body resulting in a fever and common cold. Prevent this by stashing away a pair of extra clothes at the office or at your gym during rainy days.

Seek timely medical care and stay healthy during the rainy season. #WinYourDay


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