In general, headaches are described as constant, sharp, dull or throbbing pains in your head or face. It is important to realize that headaches are highly variable in terms of their type, severity, location, and frequency. Every person will experience headaches at some point in their life.

However, there is no need to be afraid of getting headaches, fever, or pains. You can rely on Sudrex Headache & Fever with 5 OK to Win Your Day:

  • Relieve headache, fever and pains

    Sudrex is formulated to help relieve stubborn headaches as well as fever and pains with fast action.

  • Trusted formula to combat headaches, fever and pains

    Sudrex contains trusted formula which combat headache, fever, and pains effectively.

  • Can be taken before meals

    Sudrex Headache & Fever can be taken either before or after meals, making it easy to track your dosage.

  • It is Non-Drowsy

    As opposed to the regular side effects of many other medications, Sudrex Headache & Fever does not cause drowsiness, so it can be taken anytime.

  • Trusted since the year 2000

    Sudrex Headache and Fever have been helping Nigerians relieve headaches, fever and pain for over 20 years.

The paracetamol in Sudrex Headache & Fever serves as an analgesic that relieves aches and pains, while working as an antipyretic to reduce fever.

Trust Sudrex to help you in overcoming your challenge and win your day!

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