QUESTION: The rainy seasons are my worst periods ever. I always come down with serious shivering & cough. What precautions can help me prevent these going forward?
    ANSWER: Hello John! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. If you ever get wet in the rain; change your clothes as soon as you reach home. By doing this, the body temperature will return to normal. Wipe your head with a towel. If your head is wet for a long time, you may catch a cold or cough. Have a cup of hot tea; it will help your body regulate the temperature. You can treat your symptoms with Sudrex Cold & Cough.
    QUESTION: I sometimes feel that my smoking habits are linked to the headaches I suffer regularly. Could this be true in any way?
    ANSWER: Hello Mary Jane! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Your suspicions are very true. Headaches after smoking can be caused by the tobacco smoke, the chemicals it contains can cause the blood vessels in your brain to narrow & give you headaches. Smoking can cause dehydration, which can also trigger a headache. The best prevention is to quit smoking or at best reduce the number of cigarettes you take daily. Reduce the risk of headaches by drinking plenty of water & don’t smoke on an empty stomach. If you still experience headaches after smoking, Sudrex Headache & Fever can help alleviate the pain.
    QUESTION: My grandfather complains of pain in his knees and joints & these cause him severe pain that I can’t help feeling bad. Doctors say aging comes with joint pain. What can I do now to avoid this same painful situation in years to come?
    ANSWER: Hello Tunde! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. One of the most important components of managing pain for the elderly is not only in treatment but also in prevention. Ensure joint health by maintaining a healthy weight because being overweight puts pressure on the joints, causing damage & discomfort. Get regular exercise, being inactive causes the cartilage in the bones to shrink & become stiff thereby affecting movement. Physical activity can help you a great deal. Make sure you’re drinking enough water, replace soda & energy drinks with water. Make a habit of eating healthy foods that prevent inflammation, strengthen bone density & offer natural relief for joint pain. Examples include seeds & nuts, fish with omega-3 fatty acids. Others are fruits like pineapples, tomatoes, beans, whole grains & olive oil etc. Onions, garlic, ginger & turmeric are root vegetables with anti-inflammatory properties. When in pain, trust Sudrex Joint & Muscle pain caplets.
    QUESTION: I can’t seem to get rid of persistent headaches for two days now, even with the medications I have taken. What do I do?
    ANSWER: Hello George! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. You can take care of many types of headaches by yourself using Sudrex Headache & Fever tablets, but some headaches call for prompt medical care. If your headache; Gets steadily worse Increases with coughing or movement. Is accompanied by stiff neck, confusion, slurred speech or poor vision. Quickly get to the hospital for proper diagnosis and medical intervention. It may be a sign of a more serious health condition.
    QUESTION: I cannot sleep without taking painkillers for my back pain every night. It’s becoming an addiction. Does this continuous use have any negative effect on my body system?
    ANSWER: Hello Dennis! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature.Painkillers are commonly prescribed for short term use to treat moderate to severe pain. Regular, repeated use of these medications can have a range of adverse effects on the brain &body; they can alter normal bodily functions that are vital to maintaining overall health. Continuous use of painkillers can increase the risk of liver damage. Moderation is important in medication use.
    QUESTION: Is it possible for a person to get a fever without any other symptoms?
    ANSWER: Hello Bolaji! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. A fever is the body’s way of fighting an infection by naturally raising your body’s temperature to kill the germ bothering the body system. It is completely possible for an adult to develop a fever with no other symptoms, & the cause of the fever often goes away on their own after a few days. However, seek medical care if your temperature is still very high or keeps coming back after taking fever medications like Sudrex Headache & Fever.
    QUESTION: I really do love to run as a way of exercising my body, but I don’t understand why I get cramps/spasms each time. Are there any explanations to this occurence?
    ANSWER: Hello Karen! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. The occurrence of cramps or spasms during exercise is quite unpredictable. The simple explanation to cramps is dehydration & loss of electrolytes through sweating. Electrolytes are needed for proper muscle function including contracting & relaxing, any depletion both in the blood & in the muscle can result in uncontrolled muscle contractions commonly called cramps. Try not to exercise in the heat to reduce sweating & fatigue. Always have water or a sports drink with you while exercising & use stretches to gently warm up your muscles before exercise to reduce the incidence of cramping. For muscular pain take Sudrex Joint & Muscle.
    QUESTION: How do I stop reoccurring catarrh? Mine doesn’t seem to go away.
    ANSWER: HelloTemi! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Catarrh is usually temporary; however, in some people like you it can be chronic. Factors that aggravate catarrh include pollution, cold, sudden changes in temperature, tobacco smoke, and dust. You really need to avoid the things that trigger your catarrh. Spicy food can lead to an increase in mucus production, so watch what you eat. Wash your hands frequently to prevent infection that may lead to catarrh and try over the counter medications like Sudrex Cough & cold to help the situation.
    QUESTION: I work in a fast-food place and have to be on my feet for hours attending to customers. At the close of work every day, I’m stressed out and tired, with pounding headaches. What do I do?
    ANSWER: Hello Mike! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. If you have noticed that your headaches tend to strike when you’ve been under a lot of stress, it’s not your imagination, there is a link between stress and headaches. Managing stress can help ease your symptoms and reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches. Look out for how to reduce your stress, talk to your supervisor about reducing your workload or changing your schedule. Try getting enough sleep; it recharges your body for the next day’s work. Don’t let headaches control your life; control them instead with Sudrex headache and Fever.
    QUESTION: One minute I was very hot and the next my teeth are chattering from cold. I am 25 years old and my sister says I have fever, is she right?
    ANSWER: Hello Cynthia! Thank you for using the #asksudrexfeature. Fever may occur in anyone at any age, it is a higher-than-normal body temperature and it usually occurs in response to an infection be it viral or bacterial. Injuries, drugs and heat exposure are some of the things that can cause a fever too. A fever can even occur after starting a new medication, and it should go away after the drug is stopped. Seek medical intervention if your fever lasts more than 7 days, or gets worse. If you have difficulty breathing or seem confused see a doctor. In general, mild fever can be reduced with medications like Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen or Sudrex Headache & Fever. Taking a cool bath or applying cool towels to your skin may also help to reduce your feverish condition.

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