To curb the spread of COVID-19 the world has decided to stay indoors as a bid to prevent it spread. Truly the staying indoor method has in many ways affected the normal day to day activities of everyone. As we get to stay at home all day. Today, we will be giving out tips to stay productive and positive in the face of the indoor measures to control the spread of the virus.

  • Be Positive: It is important to note that being healthy is better than being sick, therefore let this propel you to follow the hygienic measures as provided by WHO.
  • Stay in shape: To some, weekends often include them going to the gym but due to the stay-at-home measure they have been unable to. There are several exercises that could be done from the comfort of your home with or without gym equipment some of which includes; push-up, flanks, aerobics and lots more.
  • Family time: Everyone is at home, no one is rushing off to work, create a great family time. Family time does not always mean outdoors alone there are some indoor activities that could be fun and entertaining as we go through the period of this pandemic.
  • Prioritize: This is the period to go back to where you wrote your new year goals, the things you planned to do for the year and reorder them. You might need to learn a skill which can be gotten online. Importantly, make sure you are adding some value into yourself and into others around you.
  • Stay healthy: Place your health as top priority, during this stay-at-home period there are people who are working from home. Endeavor to take time off work and take a proper rest. Eat healthily, avoid eating junks, staying at home can in a way introduce the habit of eating junks rather go for vegetables and fruits as this would help improve the quality of your health.

In conclusion, as we go through this phase let’s endeavor to follow the guidelines as proposed by the respective government health agencies as these guidelines are geared at stopping the spread of the virus in the society. #WinYourDay.


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