In times of coronavirus and social distancing, many of us are staying at home. There is no doubt that the lockdown changed our everyday life and being mostly at home could definitely get you bored but look at it in a productive way.

The good news is there are many things you can do during this pandemic, that will provide you with lots of opportunities. There are many websites that provide you with online courses, how-to-do’s, step by step processes, practical procedures, e.t.c.

The essence of social distancing is to drastically reduce the number of times we have contacts with people. In that note, we rely on our computers, tablets and phones for information, e-meetings, updates, video calls e.t.c. Here are some skills you can learn from home to empower yourself to develop skills. Why not use your time wisely?

  • Online marketing skills - Businesses that are affected by the pandemic, can learn different ways to reach their target customers by advertising their products and services via different social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter e.t.c. That way, there would be less human contacts and profits are also being made.

  • Housekeeping skills -  Keeping a tidy house is a life skill that ensures the health of your family, keeps you organized and able to find what you need, and saves you money so you can keep living the good Life. This is a good opportunity for one to declutter some areas of the house so as to get rid of rodents and harmful insects. Some of these skills are home repairs, how to make a healthy meal, basic sewing, how to carefully use electrical and kitchen appliances, how to unclog a toilet or sink e.t.c.

  • First aid skills - It is natural human instinct to “WANT” to stay safe and avoid unsafe situations, but we see on the news and in our own lives, many people who go against that logic and put themselves in unsafe situations. Basic first aid skills to learn are stopping heavy bleeding, how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, treating cuts and burns at home e.t.c

In conclusion, having these skills at your fingertips are very important especially in times like this.  It is also important to note that pain relievers such as Sudrex Headache and Fever, Sudrex Cold and Cough and Sudrex Joint and Muscle pain should always be in all first aid boxes.

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