Monday! That day of the week most people dread. For some, it’s because of the stress of the week ahead, some because they hate their Jobs and some because Monday traffic (especially in Lagos) are usually worst as everyone is rushing to get to work early.

Whatever reason you dread Mondays, here are some things to do to experience a #reliefmonday.

  • Go to bed early on Sunday – Make sure to get about seven- nine hours of sleep to gear up for the workweek. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour will enable you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic for the week.
  • Don’t just live for the weekends- Studies show people who are stressed at work tend to be much happier on the weekend. So, don’t only look forward to Saturday and Sunday; try to spread out the joy and plan something fun during the week, like a movie night, giving yourself a treat and so on.
  • Get pumped with music- Play some music while getting ready for work or while in traffic. This will help boost your mood and get you pumped for work.
  • Take small breaks throughout the day- Don’t just stay glued to work all day. Take a walk to get some fresh air, get a place to relax, avoid eating lunch at the desk or even hit the gym if possible, for a quick workout.   
  • Prepare Ahead- Mondays can be extra dreadful if work has potentially piled up from the previous week and that can be challenging to jump right back in. To solve this, be sure to leave yourself as few dreadful tasks as possible on Friday, get any unpleasant tasks awaiting your attention done as early as possible instead of procrastinating. Also make sure your calendar is up to date, so you have a good view of your upcoming work week.


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