Headaches are one of the common health issues that everyone ever experienced. This common form of chronic pain usually showed up when people feeling stressed, having flu, or just lack of oxygen in their head. So, when the headache strikes, they know how difficult it can be to do the daily activities or even carry on a conversation with others.

But don’t worry, now you can do more than just crawl into bed to ease the massive pain in the head or just wait for it to go away. These are 4 easy ways you can do to relieve your headache tension as soon as possible.

  1. Vaporization
    First of all, pour some boiled water into a big bowl, and start to breathe the hot steam. This method is believed can help people soothe their mind to ease the stress and the headache.
  2. Massage
    When the headache strikes, do some massages to your head. Rubbing your neck and temples in circular motion can improve your blood flow, soothe the tension headache, and ease the pain itself.
  3. Drink enough water
    Did you know that lack of water consumption can caused the headache? It’s called dehydration headache, a mild headache just like migraine. In our daily life, the body loses water through sweating and urinating. When the body is dehydrated, the brain is temporarily shrunk because there is not enough oxygen too. So, to avoid this kind of headache, people need to drink 8-12 glasses of water every day, though some individual may need more or less.
  4. Medication
    We never know when this headache strikes, because it comes unexpectedly. And when you feel that the headache is coming in your way, you can also take some medicine like sudrex to get the fast relief. It contains paracetamol that serves as an analgesic which can relieve headaches with fever, pains, flu, and cold. So long, headache!


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