As Christmas approaches, this period is often characterized with cold, Christmas always fall in the cold season which is a period of merry-making, activities to enjoy, sharing love and lots of travels. You can be so stressed due to the festivity that headache and body pains could try to steal the fun that comes with Christmas.

Here are a few ways to stay on top of the fun without having discomfort stealing the fun;

  1. Get Vaccinated: Vaccines against flu are given to serve as build-up defense against the attack of flu-related infections. Vaccination is not meant for kids alone, as an adult vaccination is also important, especially during the dry and rainy seasons when catarrh and cough are prevalent.
  2. Use drugs: Always have a drug like Sudrex Cold and Cough which has a fast relief formula against cough, headache, fever, body pains and cold handy. This way you can easily have a productive day during the seasons.
  3. Eat healthy: Good hygienic food is a one stop for guiding against flu, eat balanced food. Introduce veggies (leafy greens) to your daily meal schedule and also add some more chicken soup. You can eat chicken soup throughout the duration of the flu to help keep you hydrated and satiated; just be sure to watch the salt content.
  4.  Invest in eating fruits: Fruits are rich in Vitamins C and E. Vitamins are important nutrients that your immune system, which is especially important when as a flu suppressant or when you’re sick. While supplements can help, your body can absorb nutrients like vitamin C more effectively from the foods you eat. Consider snacking on vitamin C–rich fruits more during the dry or rainy seasons or when you have the flu. Some fruits high in vitamin C include strawberries, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.

In conclusion, if you eventually find your body invaded by cold, cough, fever, and body, trust Sudrex Cold and Cough to help provide fast relief. #WinYourDay


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