A discomfort or pain in the head or face can be called a headache. During a headache, an individual can feel pain in different parts of the head and even extend to the neck. There are different types of headaches based on how severe, how often, and where it occurs such as tension, migraine, and cluster headaches.

While there are different types of headaches, there are similarities in the triggers which caused the pain. Here are the 5 common things which can trigger the headache:

  • Noise: A change in the volume and frequency of noise around us can cause a headache. For example, listening to music at loud volumes for a long time can give you headaches. Wearing earplugs while working in a noisy environment can help reduce the incidence of headaches.
  • Medications: Headaches are an adverse reaction to certain drugs. In the bid to cure one ailment, another arises. On the other hand, people who take painkillers regularly may actually make their headaches worse. To prevent this, gradually reduce the dose of the medicine or stop the usage immediately.
  • Dehydration: When the body loses too much fluid and electrolytes as a result of exercise or diarrhea, the brain is affected as it puts pressure on the nerves which bring about a headache.  Drinking enough water and consuming more fruits & vegetables will help the body hydrate and fight off avoidable headaches. You can also stay in a cool environment to reduce sweating.
  • Inadequate Sleep: Do you have trouble sleeping?  If you do, then you may not be a stranger to headaches.  Sleep deprivation is a very common headache trigger. Waking up several times at night or inability to sleep at all, impacts negatively on our mood and wellbeing.  Sleep at a fixed time every night, turn off the lights, and stay away from alcohol before bedtime.
  • Smoking: A substance called nicotine which is found in tobacco has been discovered to cause headaches for both smokers and those who inhaled smoke second-handedly. For non-smokers, please avoid sources of smoke; and to the main smokers, quitting can help control frequent headache attacks.

Reduce how many headaches you get and how bad they are when you get them by avoiding the triggers. However, in case you are unable to avoid the headache, you can take Sudrex for fast relief.

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